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Miles Turner
Miles Turner

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Here's a test of your sartorial courage. The fashion gods ordain that metallic is the look of the new season. It had to happen sooner or later: science fiction writers have seen it coming for years and no doubt in 10 years' time we'll be wearing this kind of stuff around the office. Burberry has been first to grasp the nettle with gusto in this brave new world: but dare you wear a metallic silk cardigan? Go on! 750,

buy burberry london

Since 1926, Kaspar of the Savoy Hotel, a sculpture of a black cat, has been the 'lucky' extra diner for parties of 13. Now the hotel is opening Kaspar's, a seafood grill with Thames views, 1920s decor, and hearty dishes such as the lobster club sandwich. Opens 2 May, 041b061a72


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