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Agent Orange Font: A Fun and Funky Font for Your Projects.

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I was in the Army and sent from Okinawa Japan to Sattahip Thialand (TDY) in support of operation Babylift in 1975. I worked at the Vayama ammunition Depot during my tour of duty. Agent orange was used at the Depot to clear vegetation around the ammunition storage areas and fence line. There was a large storage area in the Depot where drums of agent were being stored. I have prostate cancer and I have provided proof that I was there and is still awaiting a decision. The proof of my services there was the passport the US Army issued me for that mission.

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My husband served with the USAF from November 1966-October 1967 and was stationed at Takhli. He passed away from lung cancer in October of 2015. I am at this site because I believe his cancer may have been caused by agent orange and need to know how to proceed.

My dad was part of the 6010 wild weasles and was stationed in Takhli and Korat from July 70-July 71. He recently passed and was exposed to agent orange. If anyone would have known him please reach out. Merlin Terlouw

Camp Friendship from May of 1970 to December 1970, then Sattahip December 1970 to May of 1971. Assigned to 7th Maint Bn while in Koran. Developed soft tissue sarcoma from agent orange exposure. The company headquarters in Koran was right on the perimeter fence line so may have contacted it then. Either that or at Sattahip as our barracks was directly on the beach and we swam there for recreation. This area I have now learned was also sprayed. The VA has turned down my claim now three times. They claim agent orange was not used in Thailand which we know is a lie.

In 1969/1970 I lived in a NCO hootch on the parameter of Takhli. I am diabetic, have had colon cancer, and have severe arthritis that I have to take shots in the stomach for. I was also in Nam for a few days(not in my records, wife lost my boarding passes) so far they have denied my agent orange benefits. 3 men in my family served in S.E.A.

I was at Ubon 67-68 USAF jet engine mechanic. Also did guard duty 3 times on the outskirts of the base when we were on high alert, not listed on my record. I was turned down for the agent orange list. My brother was in Vietnam at the same time. We both had prostate cancer at the same time. There is supposed to be a bill in Congress to cover everyone that was in Thialand, but it has not gone anywhere in years.

Was stationed in NKP 68 609 air commando sq. Have lost prostate,bladder to agent orange. Va dr said my cancer was related to agent orange but ratings board says I was not in Vietnam no rating on agent orange

I was with 53 trans in sattihap .67 thru 68 we h..auled cargo and bombs to utapo A B and other places.agent orange was shipped to air bases.69 and 70 i was running the roads in convoys got sprayed with agent orange.i have problems claimed denied in 1970 when i reired .we got a prblem with the VA.

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I deployed to U-Tapao from August 10, 1970, to Aug 10, 1971. My career field was supply administration but on arrival, I was attached to security forces as an augmented member for the first four months. After the initial four months, I responded to numerous if Sac alerts throughout the year. We walked the perimeter with no knowledge of the contamination in our mist. One day our canteens were filled with water that was brown in color. We protested but accepted the fact drink or die of dehydration. Regardless no records indicated that was attached to the security forces. I only found out that agent orange was part of my life. I guess our government is waiting for us to die off.

For those stationed in Thailand, the VA rules state you must have been within 500 meters of the perimeters to qualify for exposure to AO. For those stationed at Korat: -151116154523-lva1-app6891/95/agent-orange-and-thailand-veterans-26-638.jpg?cb=1447688816.

I was at u-tapio with V-49 May Nov 1968. The Navy patrol squadrons were located right near the southwest end of the runway. that area was build by the navy seebee, not the red horse. if you look at the road that goes to the beach it starts where the vp squadrons were. the end building of the group is right on the perimeter. If you were there you were in contact with agent orange. I had bladder cancer, filed a claim, was turned down because I did not known where I was on the base at the time I filed. I do know I am Filing again. The Intelligence Officer from Vp49 in 1968 turned me on to our spot on the base. the perimeter lines make a point at the location if that helps. we were within feet of the perimeter not yards

Does anyone have absulute proof that agent orange was sprayed from aircraft at NKP in 1971, I need this info to prove that I was sprayed. I have a claim in for several conditions that the VA doctors say could have been caused by exposure to agent orange while stationed at NKP.

I was stationed 7 Radio Research Field Station outside of udon. Spent 7 months in country. I am looking for anyone that was stationed there in 1971.I was in the hospital Nong Song Thailand for 5 days and have record of it in my medical record. I want to file for agent orange exposure. would like to get in contact with anyone that was stationed at 7 RRFS

I was in Takhli 68-69, Hanoi Hanna said the Cong was coming over Dec. 3, 1968 and so myself and others were training along part of the jungle and perimeter of the base and I was set along the flight line during that time. I remember watching them clear the perimeter so my question does the VA recognize Takhli around that time for agent orange area to worry about. I had a heart attack at 31 and then a major one at 49 and my heart doctor claims my problems were because of agent orange. Anyone else remember this time?

I was stationed at korat rtafb 1969-1970 Fire dept do remembered sawnee club my hooch was across the street I got my 100% rating in 2015 it took me 4 yrs I worked with my primary dr and dav to help me I sent pic of agent orange 55 gal drums on base and stated how every day we had to patrol perimeter as part of my duty I have lost all balance,and heart problems, all my nerves are shot hands ,feet, are numb my advice get all info on your bases where you were stationed and then tie your duty to exposed AG and be nice to all drs and secretary who help you it will pay off big

Looking for anyone who may have served with Jackie Cash USAF, Mechanic Crew Chief 1965-1966 loading and unloading barrels of agent orange and flying spraying missions over nam. Not sure of base, archives claims records are lost. His claims of exposure have repeatedly been denied since 1993. He passed away in 1997. I am working on behalf of his estate as last denial came in 12/2021 claiming no proof of actual Vietnam service even though awarded the Vietnam Service and Campaign ribbons. This also caused his wife not to receive survivor benefits as well. Any help with info on units flying these missions or anyone recognizing his name, or serving during this time flying similar missions please reach out to me. all statements are helpful.

Hello Donald, My name is Pablo Quinones.I was also at Udorn ,Thailand in 1974 to 75 as a RF-4C crew chief. Found out I have N. I lived and showered on base and had no idea where water came from. Not sure if agent orange services in water. I also have tried to get claim but getting denied. Please confirm if you got answers or got your claim since 2020.

I served with the 1st signal brigade us army 442nd signal battalion company c . warin thailand east of the ubon air base. we supported lima site 11 in paske laos and were the main relay tropo communications station between vietnam and thailand. the lima site was attacked by rockets in 1971 while i was there. our base was clear of all vegatation, but surrounded by thick forested jungle. this was due to previous agent orange spraying. we also maintained our own perimeter maintenance checking our perimeter and our claymores and trip flares. we had no military police to do this. we were often on red alert and the ubon base had been attacked by sappers who were all killed during the attack. trying to get compensation for agent orange exposure due to having 2 presumptive conditions now.our unit received the republic of vietnam gallantry cross during operations in 1970 1971.

Like MIKE I was stationed at Takhli Thailand from Dec.65-66. Like mike the VA said they could not find my records but if they showed up they take another look at my claims, which are many. Looking at an agent orange map I See the drift area cover most of the living area. I think the same thing goes for Korat and the other bases in TAILAND. If you were stationed at Takhli or Korat, you were exposed to agent orange. Go to your congressman or woman and have them go US Bases in Thailand During the v. war and you can and show him where you were living.I am going to my congressman tomorrow. If all our congress persons go to the VA as a group maybe we can get everyone approved!

NKP 1966. I have had bladder cancer. 2 Operations. Diabetic. 5 ft 10 170 lbs. Va has denied my diabetes. Commit by VA, there was no agent orange used in NKP. They also refuse to acknowledge i was a mechanic on C123K spray aircraft returning form Vietnam.

I was with 207th signal company detachment F on Hill 272 near Sattahip Thailand June 1968 to June 1969.I have high blood pressure and stage 3 kidney disease. I have not filed a clame yet, but I saw the new bill passed by the legislature included high blood pressure as a result of being exposed to agent orange.

I have successfully filed for service related disability due to agent orange exposure while I was with the 6908 security squadron at NKP Thailand July 74 to June 75. I have some information that should open the door wide for you. Please contact me.


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