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First Pair Of Jordans To Buy

The best first Air Jordan is a pair of Jordan 1s as they will more easily blend in with most casual wardrobes than any other Jordan model. An OG colorway is best for optimal looks and collectibility.

first pair of jordans to buy

The great thing about getting the Air Jordan 1 first is you will automatically have a sneaker that has everything. You get history, looks, durability, collectability and the shoe will most likely work with your existing casual wardrobe. Jeans, a t-shirt or hoodie and some 1s will almost always work.

Either the Chicago or Bred (Black/Red) colorways of the Air Jordan 1 are great choices for which Jordan to get first. The sneakers will work well with most casual attire and add a historical element to a sneaker collection.

The safest bet when starting your AJ1 collection is to grab one of the first colorways MJ ever wore. These pairs are iconic, and will look great with a lot of different outfits and wardrobes. The Jordan 1 is a relatively straightforward model as far as paneling. This works well with simple colorways, particularly black, red and white.

It is debatable whether the Black Cement 3 or White Cement 3 is the most iconic Jordan 3. For longevity and ease of maintenance, the darker-hued Black Cement 3 makes for a great first pair of Air Jordan 3s.

So there you have it, my picks for first Air Jordans. To sum up, go for the Air Jordan 1 Chicago or Bred, the Jordan 2 Chicago, and the Jordan 3 Black Cement. If you can only get one, opt for one of the AJ1s.

If the OGs are out of your price range, you could always start with a more easily available colorway. Just keep in mind that something like a pair of Jordan 1 Chicago is going to add a lot more to a collection than a random general release colorway.

I saw that many pairs were selling for nearly $1000 with a lot of bidding action. After doing some research, I found that these shoes were available at retail at $350. Instantly I knew that I wanted to start selling shoes.

Hey JV could you please give me some info on how to acquire shoes in bulk for my resell business? I have good luck scoring 1-2 pairs of each hyped shoe at drop price but cant seem to get much more (if any) than that. I would love to get some advice from someone like you who obviously knows the market well and has quite a bit more experience than myself. Thanks for writing such a great article to read!

Hey JV, could you please email me with some advice as well on how to acquire shoes in bulk? I have pretty good luck getting 1-2 pairs of the hyped shoes at drop price but cant seem to cop many more, if any more at all. I would love to hear some advice from someone like you with much more experience and knowledge. Thanks for writing such an awesome article to read!

And thank you for sharing about your experience. So I have a few questions of my own but first i am extremely aware of the shoe resell market growing up my God Dad used to take me to the warehouse and get the shoes in bulk and you can possibly get the shoes at a wholesale price or even some at retail. But as i am older i am trying to jump back in it and i know you talked about sneaker conventions like Sneaker-con and their events. But what i want to know is when you go to like a Sneaker-con are you able to get the shoes for the retail price or is all the shoes already being sold for resell prices there. The only reason i am asking is because this is something i am very passionate about and you need money to even start in this business and now that i have it i am ready to take the chances and the risks. I have never been to a shoe convention but i follow them a lot and i know there is one coming up march 20,2021 in Cleveland, Ohio and i am thinking about going to that one and the one in October in Arizona. But like i asked are you able to get the shoes at retail price or are they all resell price at the shoe convention. And lastly do you know if there is a minimum amount of money you can bring if so would you be willing to please message me back about that. And sorry i just thought of another question i see a lot of people buy some shoes in bulk at these events is there a minimum amount you have to buy. Thank you so much for all the information on this page and please if you can whenever you can get back to me please!

For a military brat, these emblems of Basketball glory were outside therealm of affordability. But now as a hot-shot independent consultant,they are still outside the realm of affordability. The difference now isthat I have less sense, so I bought a pair anyways. They certainly are alot cheaper than they were back in the day.

To justify this purchase, I give you a picture of my last pair. As youcan see, I do wait till the last minute and beyond, before buying a newpair of shoes. Now excuse me while I purchase a new pair of CopaMundials to replace my thoroughly trashed soccer cleats.

Yo, Peanut here just holding it down as usual anywayz let me get to the point I just am from New York amd you will never believe what I saw I saw the same 2 pair of jordans you saw and you will never believe this also but I had the sicuation you had about basketball and how someone showed from head to toe dressed up in jordan shirt, shorts, wrist band, socks, and shoes. Oh yeah, and these are my first pair of air jordans also!!!!

What i have to say is the first thing i do is try them on and i tell my self are they clean or not they are so i get the phone and tell everybody what kind of shoes i got and i all ways get the bestest shoes from all my friend , the shoes i have are AIR JORDAN RETRO ALPHA (BLUE)there nice shoes aren't they i bet there beter than yours.(just kiding)

I was wondering what are the jordans called that are in the first picture? I have that shoe in white/tan/black but I could never figure out what they were because I bought them off a clearance rack in footlocker for 33 bucks.

Sports entertainment journalist Nick Hamilton was birthed into sneaker culture by his dad when he bought him his first pair of Jordans. Ever since then, he became passionate to start a collection of his own.

Basketball legend Michael Jordan signing a five-year deal with Nike back in the 80s was that momentous cynosure that no one imagined would change the dynamics of the sneaker world. Their partnership laid the foundation of the sneaker culture we know today.The brand enjoys a massive global following, and the cult-like status of Air Jordan sneakers is difficult to match by several shoemakers. And it all began in 1984 when the basketball icon took the first pair of Jordans onto the court and was subsequently fined for wearing them. Later released in 1985, the first drop of Air Jordan 1 sneaker instantly sold out, and the rest is history.

Over the years, the brand has constantly aimed at expanding its collection by redesigning and reimagining its iconic pairs and collaborating with multiple artists, pop culture icons and other influential figures. While this offers us sneakerheads some of the most avant-garde designs and eclectic colourways, the brand makes it a tad difficult for a sneaker novice to pick a few pieces and start building their collection. We, being your saviours, however, have curated a guide that can help you decide.

After retiring from the NBA in 1993, MJ made his comeback in 1995 towards the end of the season playoffs in a pair of Air Jordan XI in a white and black, dark concord colourway. And of course, the sneakers became an instant hit. They further gained popularity when he starred in the animated classic Space Jam wearing the same pair. While the design featured a full-length carbon fibre plate for movement and a nylon upper, the shiny patent leather panels were undoubtedly the star of the design. The shoe has been reimagined and redesigned over the years in distinctive colourways, starting at RM 859.70, which gives sneakerheads multiple options to choose from.

And one of the most iconic collaborations of recent times was when Air Jordan launched a rather larger collection with Dior. What instantly stood out and became a rage was the Air Jordan 1 Low sneaker fashioned in white Italian leather with grey overlays, blue accents and the showstopper Dior Oblique jacquard Swoosh. Accompanied by the Air Dior wings logo on the heel, the pair is one iconic masterpiece. Released in 2020, this limited-edition pair rolled out in a fixed quantity of only 4,700 pairs (high tops) and 8,500 (low tops), with each of them individually numbered.

Air Jordans changed the shoe industry and birthed the sneaker collecting hobby. They became so popular that Nike never stopped making Air Jordans even when Jordan went through his first retirement from basketball. Now, over 30 years later, Nike has released 32 (not including variations) shoes in the Air Jordan line and continues to re-release the originals to new generations.

When the Air Jordan IX released in late 1993, Michael Jordan decided to retire (for the first time) from basketball and played a season of minor league baseball. Despite this, Nike decided to continue the Jordan line and Tinker Hatfield once again designed the latest iteration of Air Jordans. Hatfield wanted to take the line in a new direction and looked globally for inspiration.

Hatfield also decided to go with a more colorful and heavier design for the Air Jordan VIII, which really captured the aesthetics of the 90s. The Air Jordan VIII was the first in the line to feature a polycarbonate torsion plate, a full length Air sole, durabuck uppers, anti-inversion cross-straps, and the inner sleeve of a Nike Huarache shoe.

With the Air Jordan VI, Jordan specifically asked for a clean toe and Hatfield added a reinforcement around the toe for the first time. Jordan also told Hatfield that he had some trouble putting on the previous five shoes quickly, so Hatfield put two holes at the top of the tongue and a loop on the back of the shoe.

The Air Jordan V features some firsts for the line, including a bold tongue design that has a reflective 3M coating. This is also the first Jordan shoes to have see-through outsole, which is a really common design element in athletic shoes today. 041b061a72


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