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Download Blackthorne for Free: The Classic Platformer from Blizzard

Download Blackthorne: A Classic Platform Game by Blizzard

If you are a fan of platform games, you might have heard of Blackthorne, a cinematic platform game developed by Blizzard Entertainment in 1994. It is one of the earliest games by the famous studio, and it has a cult following among retro gamers. In this article, we will tell you what Blackthorne is, how to download it for free, and why you should play it.

download blackthorne


What is Blackthorne?

Blackthorne is a platform game that combines action, puzzle, and stealth elements. It was released for the Super NES and MS-DOS in 1994, and later for the Sega 32X, Classic Mac OS, Game Boy Advance, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The cover art for the SNES version was drawn by Jim Lee, a famous comic book artist.

The story and setting of Blackthorne

Blackthorne is set on the planet Tuul, which has existed for centuries without human knowledge. Tuul's people have been ruled by a single shaman who had all knowledge. Years before the game begins, the shaman dies and splits his power into two stones, light and dark. He gives one to each of his sons, who form two kingdoms: Androth and Ka'dra'suul. The people of Androth respect their stone, while the people of Ka'dra'suul reject theirs and become corrupted by it. A ka'dra named Sarlac seizes power and invades Androth.

The king of Androth, Vlaros, sends his son Kyle to Earth with the lightstone to save his life. Kyle grows up to be a military captain and mercenary. Twenty years later, he is contacted by Galadril, an Androthi magician, who tells him to return to Tuul and save his people. Kyle sets out to kill Sarlac and reclaim his throne.

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The gameplay and features of Blackthorne

Blackthorne is a side-scrolling platform game that requires the player to control Kyle through various levels, avoiding traps, solving puzzles, and fighting enemies. Kyle can run, jump, climb, duck, and shoot with his shotgun. He can also hide in the shadows to avoid detection or ambush foes. He can interact with friendly characters who may give him items or information.

The game has four different areas: Androth, Ka'dra'suul's mines, a desert wasteland, and Sarlac's stronghold. Each area has different enemies, obstacles, and secrets. The game also has different difficulty levels that affect the number of lives, enemies, and items available.

The legacy and reception of Blackthorne

Blackthorne was well received by critics and players when it was released. It was praised for its graphics, sound, animation, atmosphere, and gameplay. It was compared to other cinematic platform games like Prince of Persia and Flashback. It won several awards, such as Best Action/Adventure Game from Electronic Gaming Monthly and Best Platform Game from Computer Gaming World .

Blackthorne is considered one of the classic games by Blizzard Entertainment, along with Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft, and Overwatch. It showcases some of the early talents of the studio, such as Frank Pearce Jr., Patrick Wyatt, Michael Morhaime (PC), Samwise Didier (SNES), Micky Neilson (story), Glenn Stafford (music), etc. Conclusion

Blackthorne is a classic platform game by Blizzard Entertainment that you can download for free and enjoy. It is a cinematic platform game that has a dark atmosphere, a challenging and varied gameplay, and a beautiful art and music. It is one of the earliest games by Blizzard, and it shows their talent and creativity. If you are looking for a platform game that will keep you entertained and engaged, you should give Blackthorne a try.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Blackthorne:

  • Q: How long is Blackthorne?

  • A: Blackthorne has 17 levels in total, and it takes about 4 to 6 hours to complete the game, depending on your skill and difficulty level.

  • Q: Is Blackthorne related to Warcraft?

  • A: No, Blackthorne is not related to Warcraft, although they are both made by Blizzard Entertainment. However, there are some references and easter eggs to Blackthorne in Warcraft games, such as Kyle's appearance as an NPC in World of Warcraft.

  • Q: Is Blackthorne available for mobile devices?

  • A: No, Blackthorne is not available for mobile devices, although there are some unofficial ports and emulators that might work. However, we do not recommend downloading or using them, as they might be illegal or unsafe.

  • Q: Is there a sequel or remake of Blackthorne?

  • A: No, there is no official sequel or remake of Blackthorne, although there are some fan-made projects and mods that attempt to recreate or improve the game. However, we do not endorse or support them, as they might infringe Blizzard's intellectual property rights.

  • Q: Where can I find more information about Blackthorne?

  • A: You can find more information about Blackthorne on the official Blizzard website , the Wikipedia page , or the fan wiki . You can also watch some gameplay videos or reviews on YouTube or Twitch.


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