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Mirror Forge

Mirror Forge follows a character named Thomas on an interdimensional journey, searching for their missing wife. This travelling takes place through mirrors, where each new dimension will have horrifying monsters to overcome along with puzzles and various oddities. Confusing visions and nightmarish dream sequences haunt the protagonist and only the end sees answers. Can you survive and unravel the mystery that weaves itself between dimensions? Time will tell.

Mirror Forge


Good game design can only hide so many underlying flaws. While Thomas' dark journey through Devil's Womb dodges hokey cliches around mental illness, the small supporting cast are completely forgettable. There was an actual plot cul de sac where you leave the nightmare dimension just to get exposition from a scientist character in the real world, then you go back the way you came. The information could have literally just been a bloodstained e-mail. Despite the craftsmanship of puzzles and frights, it doesn't hide that the enemies you deal with are extremely generic elongated humanoids. There are a few more creative creatures tied to stealth and chase sequences, but even those barely register in my mind in terms of visual design.

There has been a new reveal trailer, and it shows the monsters, the gameplay, and the ability to traverse to go through different realities via mirrors- which does bring to mind one particular Silent Hill, and The Evil Within. It does look like there is a lot of inspiration that comes from various horror games, both from the more recent past, and some that are closer to the 90s.

The top results based on the latest update are Siren Head: Awakening [Score: 64.9], Left to Rot [Score: 63.0] and Those Who Remain [Score: 59.4]. The top rated games you can find here are Siren Head: Awakening [SteamPeek Rating: 4.8] ranked #1, Those Who Remain [SteamPeek Rating: 4.3] ranked #3 and Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil [SteamPeek Rating: 3.9] ranked #14. Also don't forget to check the newest releases Who Knocks [Release date: 2022-12-26] ranked #35, Cult [Release date: 2022-10-25] ranked #30 and STALKED [Release date: 2022-09-22] ranked #22.

BIOGRAPHYGeordi La ForgeFull name:Geordi La ForgeSpecies:TerranGender:MaleBorn:February 15, 2335Affiliation:Imperial Starfleet, Terran EmpireFamilyMarital Status:singleCareerOccupation:engineerAssignment:chief engineer, ISS EnterpriseRank:lieutenantIn one permutation of the mirror universe, Lieutenant Geordi La Forge was the Terran chief engineer who served aboard the ISS Enterprise-D, which was under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

In the year 2367, La Forge was briefly replaced, along with Captain Picard and Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi, by his counterpart from the primary universe, who wanted to obtain information on the manner in which the USS Enterprise-D was transported to the mirror universe. (TNG novel: Dark Mirror)

Other features at the Mirror Maze are comprised of two attractions for children that are included with the mirror maze admission. The Laser Maze allows children to bring out their spy moves as they climb over and under an assortment of security lasers. What makes it even more challenging is the time tracker that will measure how fast you complete the course. Compete against yourself or friends in this Mission Impossible type setting and race against the clock! The other attraction is the brand new, Atomic Rush. This will challenge both your brain and quickness in a high tech Simon Says type of game. Stay on your toes and keep the mind sharp to aim for the high score. Admission to Mirror Maze allows unlimited access to the whole family and makes for a must do during a stay in Pigeon Forge. 041b061a72


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