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Download Image from Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Experience

How to Download an Image from is a container registry service that allows you to store, build, and distribute your container images and other OCI artifacts. It is powered by Red Hat and provides a centralized, secure, and reliable platform for hosting and sharing open-source projects container images. also offers features such as vulnerability scanning, image building, and automated triggers.

download image from

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A container image is a static file that contains executable code and all its dependencies, so it can run an isolated process on any computing system. A container image is composed of layers that are stacked together to form a read-only file system. Each layer only adds the difference from the layer below it, which makes the image lightweight and efficient. When you run a container image, you create a container, which is a runnable instance of the image that has its own writable layer on top of the image layers.

In this article, you will learn how to download an image from using the docker pull command. You will also learn about the benefits of using and container images for your applications.

How to Download an Image from


To download an image from, you need to have the following:

  • A account. You can sign up for free if you want to use public repositories, or choose a paid plan if you want to use private repositories.

  • Docker installed on your machine. You can follow the instructions here to install Docker on your preferred operating system.

  • An internet connection.


Here are the steps to download an image from

  • Create a account. Go to and click on \"Sign up\". Enter your email address, username, password, and agree to the terms of service. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate your account.

  • Find the image you want to download. You can browse the public repositories on or search for a specific image using the search bar. For example, if you want to download the official Apache image, you can search for \"httpd\" and find the repository . You can also view the tags, description, and other details of the image on the repository page.

  • Use docker pull command. Open a terminal window and type the following command:

docker pull

This command will pull the latest tag of the httpd image from and store it locally on your machine. You can also specify a different tag if you want to download a specific version of the image. You can verify that the image has been downloaded by typing:

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docker images

You should see something like this:

REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE latest 8dbd9e392a96 2 weeks ago 134MB


You have learned how to download an image from using the docker pull command. is a great service for storing and managing your container images and other OCI artifacts. It offers features such as vulnerability scanning, image building, and automated triggers that can help you improve your application security, quality, and delivery. Container images are also a great way to package your applications and run them consistently across different environments. They are lightweight, portable, and secure. By using and container images, you can benefit from a modern and efficient way of developing and deploying your applications.


Here are some frequently asked questions about and container images:

  • What is the difference between and Docker Hub? and Docker Hub are both container registry services that allow you to store and distribute your container images. However, is more focused on enterprise-grade features such as security, automation, and integration, while Docker Hub is more popular among the open-source community and offers a larger number of public repositories.

  • How can I push an image to

To push an image to, you need to create a repository on and tag your image with the repository name. For example, if you want to push the httpd image to your account, you can type:

docker tag docker push

You may need to log in to using the docker login command before pushing the image.

  • How can I run a container from an image?

To run a container from an image, you can use the docker run command. For example, if you want to run the httpd image and expose port 80, you can type:

docker run -d -p 80:80

This will create a detached container that runs in the background and maps port 80 of the host to port 80 of the container. You can then access the web server by visiting on your browser.

  • How can I delete an image from

To delete an image from, you need to go to the repository page on and click on the \"Tags\" tab. Then, you can select the tag of the image you want to delete and click on the \"Delete\" button. You will be asked to confirm your action before deleting the image.

  • How can I update an image on

To update an image on, you need to build a new version of the image with the changes you want and push it to the same repository with the same tag or a different tag. For example, if you want to update the httpd image with a new configuration file, you can create a Dockerfile that copies the file to the image and build it with:

docker build -t .

Then, you can push it to with:

docker push

This will overwrite the existing image with the same tag or create a new tag if it does not exist.


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