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Dead Poets Society [HOT]

Other elements in the movie also seem to have been chosen for their place in the artificial jigsaw puzzle. A teenage romance between one of the Welton students and a local girl is given so little screen time, so arbitrarily, that it seems like a distraction. And I squirmed through the meetings of the "Dead Poets Society," a self-consciously bohemian group of students who hold secret meetings in the dead of night in a cave near the campus.

Dead Poets Society

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The society was founded by Keating when he was an undergraduate, but in its reincarnate form it never generates any sense of mystery, rebellion or daring. The society's meetings have been badly written and are dramatically shapeless, featuring a dance line to Lindsay's "The Congo" and various attempts to impress girls with random lines of poetry. The movie is set in 1959, but none of these would-be bohemians have heard of Kerouac, Ginsberg or indeed of the beatnik movement.

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You mention what society expects and I think that is easily seen in the film through the character of Charlie. In the beginning of the film the way Charlie acts is seen as antics and like a class clown. His friends laugh when he says something funny and enjoy his free speaking attitude, but they still conform to the Welton way of doing things. By the end of the film all of the DPS has taken on the attitude Charlie started with at the beginning of the film eventhough they know society expects different.

The suicide of Neil Perry does shake the whole campus. However, the pressures that come with the death of Perry are bigger. Students who are on the weak side of the hierarchy have to betray their dead friend by signing against Keating. It also depicts that death could have other impacts too and students could be rebellious. The pressure from loved ones prevented them from going that way.

Nolan investigates both Neil's death at the request of the Perry family and search out Mr. Keating's Dead Poets Society's activities. confronted by Charlie, Richard admits that he squealed on them and made Keating look scapegoat, and convincing the rest of them to let Keating take the fall. Charlie knows he punches Richard and is later expelled. Each of the boys are called to Nolan's office where their own equality stern parents are waiting for them to be questioning about the DPS and Keating's unorthodox teaching methods. Nolan forces Todd Anderson, Knox Overstreet, Gerard Pitts, and Steven Meeks that they (alongside Neil Perry, Charlie Dalton and Richard Cameron) admit being members of the Dead Poets Society and makes them sign a document blaming Mr. Keating for dangerously using his unconventional teaching methods on the boys, inciting them to restart the dead poets society, and encouraging Neil to defying his father Thomas Perry. Todd sees that other boy's signatures already on the document, and is threatened by his father Mr. Anderson (who is on the same page as Neil's father Mr. Perry) to sign it. Keating is fired after Nolan found out about the DPS. 041b061a72


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