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Anime That Jazz - Evening! (2010)

The anime series produced by A-1 Pictures began airing in Japan in January 2010 and was simulcast by Crunchyroll. Two OVAs were released until the end of the year and were included in subsequent DVD and Blu-ray releases. So Ra No Wo To was the first of three productions that sprung up from the collaboration between A-1 Pictures, TV Tokyo and Aniplex called "Anime no Chikara".It was licensed in Europe by Beez Entertainment and in North America by Nozomi Entertainment.

Anime That Jazz - Evening! (2010)


Lo-FiLivin' a Lo-Fi life in a Hi-Fi worldOther namesDIY MusicDecade of origin1990sCreator/sNujabes, J DillaKey motifsVHS/Polaroid filters, anime scenery, subway rides, walking along the streets, gentle rains, pixel artKey coloursPastels and muted colorsKey valuesNostalgia, good vibes, relaxation, calmness, tranquility, feeling your emotions, introspectionRelated aestheticsAfter HoursAnimecoreCartooncoreCity PopCoffee House/CafeCuddle PartyDazecoreDreamyEtherealGlitchGolden HourHigh School DreamHip-HopIndieMallgothNormcorePastelShoegazeSpiritcoreSynthwaveUrbancoreVaporwaveVintageLo-Fi is a largely music-centric aesthetic that utilizes muted tones and mundane imagery to evoke a feeling of calm and nostalgia. Many elements of Lo-Fi are comparable to or heavily draw from to Vaporwave, Anime, Cartooncore, Dazecore, and Vintage. The genre (and associated aesthetic) is often loved for taking a genuine and longing approach to nostalgia while also encouraging people to stop in the moment and pay attention to the world around them. along with this the majority of the visuals include muted colors, and more gold/orange light sources making it seem more warm, however this is not the deal with all variations

By far the more popular of the Lo-Fi musical aesthetics, Lo-Fi Hip-Hop is a predominantly instrumental genre primarily designed to evoke feelings of nostalgia or calm. This genre commonly features songs with low and mid-tempos between 70s and 90s beats per minute, with 85 being a particularly common choice among artists. Samples from anime or other sources of recorded speech are frequently inserted into this music, and, while far less common, singing and rapping do occasionally appear in the genre as well. It is not to be confused with chillhop, a closely related jazz-based hip-hop sub-genre that utilizes much less intentional sound signal degradation and typically displays higher tempos, clearer mixes, and more bouncy properties instead. High frequencies are also not as avoided in chillhop as they are in Lo-Fi. Oftentimes, Lo-Fi is used to help one focus while studying, writing, reading, or performing other solo-activities that require concentration. Artists in the genre include: 350c69d7ab


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