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The Ultimate Guide to Playing Battlefield 3 Online with Cracked Version

The singleplayer unlocks new things based on how much you play. How do you find out how much you havent played? The hint system is pretty basic. It requires a good deal of patience, but if you do it right it can produce some very satisfying results. Youll often get a few words of advice, which you have to accept and move on. The approach is pretty easy to understand, and it makes a lot of sense. If youre stuck and dont know what to do, theres a new hint in the corner of the screen that you can accept or reject. That lets you proceed with the last thing you were working on, if youre stuck again.

how to play battlefield 3 multiplayer pc crack

And so we have been caught up in this digital maelstrom, twirled around and about, and what has all this disturbance achieved? What has it brought to the party? I'm afraid the answer is nothing. The game itself is pleasant enough, but I would have been far happier if the four classes had at last gotten a player customisation option that has been in the single player mode for several years now. Without that, the asymmetric multiplayer gameplay just feels flat. The only player customisation available is what you change with different hats and the like. I really hope that EA adds some customisation options for the multiplayer game. A second set of weapons, or some of the cosmetic items available in single player.

In a class of its own, however, is the amazing multiplayer. Battlefield 3 feels great and plays great, in ways that previous shooters have never done. On the basis of its engaging combat alone, it would have been enough for me to like it. But there's a lot more to Battlefield 3 than that. The story missions have as much depth and character as many single-player games. This is the first game where, at the end of your time as a soldier, youre actually proud of your actions. Your decisions have consequences not only in the immediate future, but also in the shape your future missions take. This brings a level of self-consciousness that translates into great personal satisfaction for players, and that is the benchmark by which all the multiplayer in the future will be measured. If you believe that a shooter can have a powerful narrative, then Battlefield 3 has one. In addition, the game is full of moments that are just as important, and that you will remember for a long time after youve closed its webpages. It may sound vain or amateurish, but its a game that, in a way, you should be proud of. You may never get good enough at it to make it to the very top of that table, but youll feel like a champion every time you boot it up.


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