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Why Can 39t I Do Homework ##BEST##

There is a schism between people who think weekend homework should be banned and those who think it should be mandatory; both sides have strong reasoning and arguments. The following chart shows the pros and cons of weekend homework:

Why Can 39t I Do Homework


The responsible high school student may be able to do all these activities. However, it takes lots of time to develop the responsibility and mindset required for this. A common solution would be to gradually increase the amount of weekend homework as students get more responsible and learn how to manage it. For example, teachers may start by assigning 5-10 minutes of homework per weekend and gradually increase their time as students grow, instead of assigning a huge amount all at once. Doing a little homework each night (or completing a subject each night) is also a good strategy, and responsible students will ask teachers for studying strategies, homework advice, and extensions.

Unlike the teachers at South Forsyth, the students seemed to have unanimous answers to the survey. The majority of them reported having weekend homework consecutively over the weeks. However, it was different for each subject. The following graphs show what weekend homework looks like at South:

After looking at this survey, it is easy to see that for the average high school student, a homework-free weekend is a rarity. Math is the subject where students get the most weekend homework assigned. This is understandable because math is a class that requires intensive practice and skill building. However, students often have tests on Mondays, which means that they get overloaded with both studying, doing homework, and spending time with their family. In addition, many students feel that all their assignments can be overbearing when they have no choice but to extend the work onto their two-day reprieve. The biggest annoyance for students at South Forsyth is busy work. Homework can be useful at times, however if the assignment is lengthy or tedious, it gets lost in all the other pending work.

College classes demand an average of two to three hours of homework for each hour of class. A five credit class will have approximately 10-15 hours of homework each week, and the total time commitment for a five credit class will be approximately 20 hours a week. Unlike high school, there is no classroom time for homework. A full-time student, not taking any high school classes, takes three (3) classes, for a total of 15 credits per quarter.

Another school tip! I know sometimes it can be hard to muster up the motivation to study or do homework. That's why you should set an alarm for 5 mins and work as much as you can. If you keep working in 5 min intervals, you can be done in no time flat. Much love.

Our school is characterized by self-contained classrooms, teacher-centered instruction, high academic standards in a challenging environment, strict discipline, dress code, mandatory homework, a phonics-based language arts program, and a high degree of parent involvement. Abraham Lincoln Traditional School provides art, music and PE for all grade levels.


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