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qTox: A Free and Open Source Messenger with Tox Protocol - Download Now

How to Download and Use qTox Messenger - A Secure and Private Chat App

If you are looking for a free and open source chat app that offers end-to-end encryption, video calls, file sharing, and more, you might want to check out qTox Messenger. In this article, we will show you what qTox Messenger is, what features it has, how to download it for different platforms, and how to install and set up it.

qtox messenger download


What is qTox Messenger?

qTox Messenger is a chat app that uses the Tox protocol for encrypted communication. The Tox protocol is a peer-to-peer network that does not rely on any central servers or intermediaries. This means that your messages, calls, and files are sent directly from your device to your contacts' devices, without anyone else listening in or storing your data.

Features of qTox Messenger

qTox Messenger has a lot of features that make it a powerful and versatile chat app. Some of these features are:

  • Text messaging, audio and video calls, screen sharing, and file transfers

  • Group chats with text and audio support

  • Identicons as avatars to prevent impersonation

  • Emoticons, text formatting, and message splitting

  • Typing notifications and read receipts

  • Offline messaging and faux offline file transfers

  • Customizable user interface with dark mode

  • Support for 30+ languages

  • Cross-platform compatibility with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and BSD

Security and Privacy of qTox Messenger

qTox Messenger is designed with security and privacy in mind. It uses the Signal protocol for end-to-end encryption, which means that only you and your contacts can read your messages and access your files. No one else, not even qTox developers or Tox network nodes, can decrypt or tamper with your data.

qTox Messenger also protects your identity and anonymity. It does not require any personal information or phone numbers to create an account. Instead, it uses a unique Tox ID that consists of a public key and an optional human-readable name. You can share your Tox ID with anyone you want to chat with, or use services like ToxMe or ToxDNS to register a more memorable address.

qTox Messenger does not store any logs or metadata on your device or on the network. It also allows you to delete your messages and files from both ends of the conversation. You can also use proxy settings or Tor to hide your IP address and location.

How to Download qTox Messenger for Different Platforms

qTox Messenger is available for download through its official website or through various repositories and build servers. Here are the links for different platforms:


You can download the latest stable version of qTox for Windows from , which may have more features but also more bugs.

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You can download the latest stable version of qTox for macOS from .


You can download the latest stable version of qTox for Linux from .


You can download the latest stable version of qTox for Android from . Note that qTox for Android is still in beta and may not work as expected.

How to Install and Set Up qTox Messenger

Once you have downloaded qTox for your platform, you can install it by following the instructions on the screen. The installation process is simple and straightforward, and should not take more than a few minutes.

After installing qTox, you can launch it and start using it. Here are the steps to set up qTox Messenger:

Create a Tox ID and Profile

When you open qTox for the first time, you will be asked to create a new profile or load an existing one. A profile is a file that contains your Tox ID, settings, contacts, and history. You can have multiple profiles on the same device, and switch between them easily.

To create a new profile, click on the "Create Profile" button and enter a name for your profile. You can also set a password to encrypt your profile and protect it from unauthorized access. Then, click on the "Create" button and wait for your Tox ID to be generated.

Your Tox ID is a long string of characters that identifies you on the Tox network. You can copy it to your clipboard by clicking on the "Copy" button next to it. You can also scan the QR code of your Tox ID by clicking on the "Show QR" button. You will need to share your Tox ID with anyone you want to chat with on qTox.

You can also customize your profile by clicking on the "Settings" button at the bottom left corner of the qTox window. Here, you can change your name, status message, avatar, theme, language, notifications, proxy, audio, video, and more.

Add Contacts and Start Chatting

To add contacts on qTox, you need to exchange Tox IDs with them. You can do this by sending them your Tox ID via email, text message, social media, or any other way. Alternatively, you can use services like ToxMe or ToxDNS to register a more memorable address that points to your Tox ID.

Once you have someone's Tox ID or address, you can add them as a contact by clicking on the "Add Friend" button at the top left corner of the qTox window. Then, paste their Tox ID or address in the box and enter an optional message to introduce yourself. Then, click on the "Send Request" button and wait for them to accept your request.

When someone accepts your request or sends you a request, they will appear in your contact list on the left side of the qTox window. You can see their name, status message, avatar, and online status. You can also right-click on their name to access more options, such as calling them, sending them files, removing them, or blocking them.

To start a chat with a contact, simply click on their name and type your message in the box at the bottom right corner of the qTox window. You can also use emoticons, text formatting, and message splitting by clicking on the buttons above the box. You can also send files by dragging and dropping them into the chat window or by clicking on the "Send File" button.

To start a voice or video call with a contact, click on the "Call" or "Video Call" button at the top right corner of the chat window. You can also share your screen by clicking on the "Share Screen" button next to it. You can adjust your audio and video settings by clicking on the "Settings" button at the bottom right corner of the call window.


qTox Messenger is a secure and private chat app that lets you communicate with your friends and family without any third-party interference or data collection. It has many features that make it a powerful and versatile chat app for text messaging, audio and video calls, file sharing, and more. It is also free and open source, which means that anyone can use it, modify it, or contribute to it.

If you want to try out qTox Messenger for yourself, you can download it from its official website or from various repositories and build servers. You can also install it from your distribution's package manager if you are using Linux. You can also follow the instructions in this article to set up your profile, add contacts, and start chatting.

We hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. Happy chatting!


Here are some frequently asked questions about qTox Messenger:



Is qTox Messenger safe and reliable?

qTox Messenger is safe and reliable, as it uses end-to-end encryption, peer-to-peer network, and no central servers or intermediaries. Your data is only accessible by you and your contacts, and no one else can spy on or censor your communication.

How can I backup or restore my qTox profile?

You can backup or restore your qTox profile by copyin


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