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Harvard Business School Essay Question

In addition to the HBS deadlines, the Harvard MBA essay for the 2022-23 admissions season has been confirmed. The essay question remains unchanged from the last admissions cycle. However, the school has decided to impose a word limit this season.

harvard business school essay question

Candidates who are applying to HBS in future rounds will likely face the same essay question. In this article, we highlight common mistakes that applicants make and consider the best way for future applicants to approach this unapologetically unlimited essay prompt.

Learn from those applicants that came before you and make sure to give special thought on how you can really convey who you are in answering this essay question. It is not your typical essay prompt, so it deserves your time and attention.

If the HBS admissions team wanted to know why you wanted a business degree, or why you wanted to go to Harvard, or what your career path was, then they would ask. They certainly have asked applicants those questions in years past. But realize that, in providing this very open-ended prompt, HBS expects very open-ended answers. They want answers from applicants that could never be prompted by any questions the admissions committee could ask. They want to learn the things that make you different as an applicant. So take the hint, and realize that HBS ditched the standard essay prompts for a reason. They are looking for something different here. Be creative, and be genuine.

Harvard Business School continues to provide one open-ended essay question to applicants. This year the essay is required (unlike two years ago) but the essay question has changed from last year, and is instead much more flexible (like two years ago).

The Harvard MBA admissions process is one of the most competitive in the world, and like the 2022 admissions, for its 2023 MBA application, there is only one essay prompt, and it does not have a word limit. Through the HBS MBA Essay question, the admissions committee wants to know what more you would like them to know as they consider your candidacy for the Harvard Business School (HBS) MBA program.

Since there is a 900-word limit for this open-ended question, please write accordingly. You may decide to submit an essay between 500- 750 words. If you choose to write a longer essay, make sure to keep it under 900 words. MER clients have written compelling essays within 800-900 words.

Once again, Harvard Business School was the first to announce its essay questions for the upcoming business school application season, sharing HBS application deadlines and the required essay for MBA class of 2025 hopefuls.

As Personal MBA Coach predicted, HBS is minimizing changes this year and keeping the one and only HBS essay question the same. However, this year HBS has added a 900-word limit to the essay, with a caveat that not all 900 words are needed.

We help clients with all aspects of the MBA application process including early planning, GMAT/GRE/EA tutoring, application strategy, school selection, essay editing, and mock interviews. Our team includes former M7 admissions directors and former M7 admissions interviewers.

Having helped hundreds of candidates gain acceptance to these elite business schools, Jeremy Shinewald of mbaMission and Liza Weale of Gatehouse Admissions, in partnership with Poets&Quants, have pooled their collective experience to now help you. Using a carefully curated collection of 50 successful essays for HBS and the GSB, they have broken down why each one worked and created a truly essential guide to crafting essays for these schools more confidently and effectively.

The HBS and Stanford GSB essay prompts are both deceptively simple and intimidatingly broad. Yet the beauty of these essay questions is that you are in control! You are a unique individual, and this is your chance to show HBS and the GSB who you genuinely are and why you are an applicant worthy of admittance. The admissions committees are not seeking a certain type of candidate. Quite the opposite, actually! They want to get to know the real you, so through your essays, you want to forge a meaningful connection with the schools, presenting yourself sincerely and honestly.

Yes, you can, as long as you feel your topic appropriately answers both prompts. Just be sure to tailor each essay to its specific question. So in the GSB essay, you should make clear what matters most to you. But in the HBS essay, you should highlight what more you want the reader to know about you.

Essays are also an important way to demonstrate your writing ability and communication skills- two essential qualities for success in business school and in your career. So take the time to craft a well-written, thoughtful essay that tells the admissions committee who you are and why you deserve a spot in the Harvard MBA program.

The answer to the Harvard MBA essay question is not something we can provide or explain in a single blog post because we need to know different aspects of your personal and professional life. It must be unique to each of you. For individual guidance please reach out to us at

The Indian School of Business (ISB) is one of the premier business schools in India, attracting top talent from around the world. The ISB admission process is highly competitive, and essays play a crucial role in the evaluation of applicants. In this article, we will provide an in-depth analysis of

The GMAT and GRE are two of the most widely accepted standardized tests for graduate-level education in the United States and other countries. Both tests are designed to assess the skills and knowledge of students applying to graduate-level programs, such as business school, law school, and graduate programs in the

MBA Prep School has published detailed essay guidance and tips. Click to read our Harvard Business School MBA Essay Tips.HBS Recommendation Letter QuestionsHarvard Business School asks recommenders to respond to two questions in their recommendation letter.

A thesis is never a question. Readers of academic essays expect to have questions discussed, explored, or even answered. A question ("Why did communism collapse in Eastern Europe?") is not an argument, and without an argument, a thesis is dead in the water.

Founded in 2006, Stratus is the premier admissions counseling firm, committed to helping clients achieve their dreams of gaining acceptance to a top-tier business school, law school, or graduate school. Stratus has served thousands of young professionals and international applicants from more than 50 countries. Our team is dedicated to making your admissions process as smooth and successful as possible. We are there every step of the way to help you as an applicant.

In a study for the journal article Beliefs about Gender, Coffman and her colleagues asked participants to answer multiple-choice trivia questions in several categories that women are perceived to have a better handle on, like the Kardashians, Disney movies, cooking, art and literature, and verbal skills. Then they were quizzed in categories considered favorable for men, such as business, math, videogames, cars, and sports.

Below we present some effective strategies for writing short answer essays required by a popular MBA program: the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We selected Kenan-Flagler for several reasons, not the least of which is that UNC provides a good example of a school with a tradition of exclusively requiring the short-answer essay format for the past several years.

Furthermore, the narrative ideally needs to cite competitive advantages unique to UNC and emphasize that other business schools offer no viable substitutes that will benefit this particular applicant in comparable or better ways. The applicant should also portray how they aspire to interact with these features of the program and the benefits these features provide the candidate that will help them achieve their objectives.

Few topics seem as controversial among applicants to MBA programs as the use of graduate admissions consultants. These consultants help optimize the chances of acceptance for their clients, who are typically candidates applying to highly selective business schools.

Few criteria seem as critical to prospective MBA candidates as the ranking of school or program. Many applicants seek out rankings as soon as they decide to attend business school, but with so many different systems and evaluators, which ones make sense for applicants to consider?

Harvard MBA personal statement examples can be helpful to applicants preparing to write their own stellar essays. That's why we've provided five of them for you to review and get inspired. So whether you have your eyes set on Harvard business school or just need some help with your personal statement for a different business school, this post will have some valuable information for you.

An MBA personal statement is a short essay that summarizes your goals and experiences, as well as your reasons for pursuing an MBA and choosing a particular MBA program. It is also sometimes called a goal statement or MBA statement of purpose. A good personal statement should convince the admissions committees that you are the most suitable candidate for their MBA program by showing them your skills, experiences, and values. You can think of MBA personal statements as a cover letter for your MBA application. A cover letter is supposed to showcase your suitability for a professional role, and a personal statement is meant to communicate your suitability for a specific program and school.

MBA personal statements are an essential part of your application because most graduate programs, like MBAs, look for well-rounded candidates. That's why they want to know more about your motivations and purpose for applying. To make an impression on your chosen business school's admissions committee, you need to show them the person behind the high grades and impressive MBA resume. It's also a great way to show the committee that you have outstanding communication skills, a trait that will serve you well as an MBA student and business leader in the professional world.


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